In an effort to enhance opportunities for the growing number of homeless and at-risk youth in the greater New Haven and Bridgeport regions, our organization has forged relationships with corporations, social service providers, non profit organizations and educational institutions from all over Connecticut. Collectively we have leveraged our services, outreach and success stories with frequent referrals between Youth Continuum and other agency’s for mental health services, training, medical assessments, coordination with local schools, counseling, referrals.  Together we serve as a family-support system for youth whose own family networks have failed them.

Community Partnerships

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of youth

  • Become a Corporate Partner!

  • Support us through your church!
  • Start a fundraising event through your business association!
  • Feature us in your local meetings!
  • Be a Vocational Mentor!
  • Make a donation honoring your employees!

​For more information about Community Partnerships, contact us at (203) 562-3396 or email us at