Emergency and Transitional Housing Services

Tim Maguire, Director of Housing Programs:

         Youth Shelter

         Young Adult Shelter

       Transitional Living Program

         Rapid Re-Housing

        Permanent Supportive Housing

         Individualized Independent Living Program

         Community Housing and Assistance Program        

Community Programs & Homeless Services

Kathy Grega, Director of Community Programs

(203) 777-8445, Ext. 4

Street Outreach Program (SOP)

(203) 777-8445

Emergency Shelter and After-hours Services

(203) 508-5592; After-hours, call 211

F.R.E.E. Program

Patricia Jenkins-Simmons, Program Coordinator

New Haven, CT 06513

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Youth Continuum 

Main Office

141 Valley Street

New Haven, CT 06515

(203) 562-3396