Youth Continuum 

Main Office

141 Valley Street

New Haven, CT 06515

(203) 562-3396

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Community Programs & Homeless Services

Kathy Grega, Director of Community Programs

(203) 777-8445, Ext. 4

Street Outreach Program (SOP)

(203) 777-8445, Ext. 2 or (203) 752-8749

Emergency Shelter and After-hours Services

(203) 508-5592

MacMullen Educational Training and Enrichment  Center

F.R.E.E. Program

Patricia Jenkins-Simmons, Program Coordinator

New Haven, CT 06513

Transitional Living Services

Meg Haffner, Program Manager of Transitional Services

         Transitional Living Program

         HUD Transitional Program

         Individualized Independent Program

         Community Housing and Assistance Program        

To make a referral to one of our programs, please contact us at (203) 562- 3396.