Jennifer's Story

Jennifer arrived at Basic Center with her six week old infant, fleeing an abusive step father at the age of seventeen. Previous to her visit, she had been living with friends and had lost much of her clothing for herself and for her infant child.  Jennifer was also receiving methadone treatment, and her baby too was born drug addicted.

Basic Center was able to provide immediate shelter, counseling, food, clothing and basic needs for herself and her child. After staying with us for 21 days, we counseled her to sign into the Department of Children and Families and live in a permanent home for teen mothers and infants.

Teenagers need the support of a trusted program in order to make healthy decisions as they transition into adulthood and independence.   Our staff was able to gain Jennifer’s trust, clearly explain her options and allow her to make a life changing decision with confidence. Jennifer continues to participate in the Methadone Clinic, and her baby is doing well.

Emergency Shelter

A four bed emergency shelter for homeless youth under the age of 18 is available in the New Haven area for up to 21 nights while basic necessities are provided, mental health and counseling needs are determined, and more permanent housing arrangements are sought.

​Youth referred to our emergency shelter are given a safe place to stay with supervision and case management from highly qualified and trained staff. Case managers work with clients to determine mental, physical and housing needs.  Assessment are conducted to evaluate substance abuse history, life skills, educational status, mental health needs.​

To access our Emergency Shelter Services, please call (203) 777-8445, ext. 2 during regular business hours.

Youth Continuum provides one of the only youth shelters for homeless teens in the state.  This program provides a safe haven from the streets. We strive to give every homeless youth an opportunity to be safe and surrounded with the means to basic needs, mental health services, education and employment.