Therapeutic and PASS Homes

Long term, supportive group home living for youth ages 14 to 21 with emphasis on therapeutic care.  These programs serve as a "step-down" level for youth who are leaving detention, CJTS or residential care.  For more information about our Therapeutic Residences, click here. For more information about our PASS group homes, click here.  

Juvenile Justice Re-entry Services

‚ÄčVocational Opportunities

Reentry for youth is also supported by our wide variety of linkages to potential employers and vocational training work sites. In addition, Youth Continuum can provide youth with service learning opportunities at local businesses and organizations, including legal firms, home and building maintenance contractors, and landscaping companies. Every week, our staff contact local employers to track job openings, and every weekday they help youth conduct employment searches through local media and employment websites. Staff also maintain close contact (phone, email and site visits) with local businesses where YC youth work in order to monitor, problem-solve, and provide encouragement to both the young person and employer. 

Educational Support

 We have Education Specialists available for daily tutoring and additional tutors provide focused support in literacy and numeracy skills. We also have liaisons/advocates for youth within the schools, attending IEP meetings and parent/teacher conferences, monitoring attendance, coordinating homework/assistance needs, and helping youth complete college admissions and financial aid applications.  In addition, within our PASS homes, we have educational and vocational coaches helping our youth daily in reaching their educational and learning potential.

Youth Continuum has decades of experience delivering comprehensive and strength-based programs designed to help youth gain the educational, vocational, life-skills, and personal assets needed to successfully transition to adulthood and lead safe and productive lives.  Pro-social skill development/recreation: One of our primary goals is to help youth develop new friends; improve interpersonal skills; exhibit empathy; foster healthy relationships; and demonstrate caring for self and others. Our MacMullen Center (METEC) provides the a wide variety of services for youth re-entering the community, including F.R.E.E., a comprehensive program designed specifically for justice-involved youth.