MacMullen Education, Training and Enrichment Center (METEC)

Life Skills

Individual counseling and group programming address every-day life skills such as nutrition, parenting, personal health, hygiene, relationships and time management.

The MacMullen Center was established in 2005 to help foster youth acquire personal attributes to enhance their individual interactions, job performance and career prospects.  Today it serves both foster youth and homeless youth.  The MacMullen Center focuses on the following four program areas:


Workforce Development

Our vocational program 

prepares youth to enter the

workforce with hands-on 

training opportunities and 

assists to acquire employment. 




Academic Support

Our staff of certified teachers evaluates, counsels and tutors youth who are pursuing their High School Diploma, GED, or post-secondary education/training.





Financial Literacy

Youth manage checking 

accounts, savings, personal budgets and credit scores through a certification and training course.